Working Groups

Review Teams

Review Teams are composed of persons conducting a CEE systematic review or map. The members of a Review Team are the sole authors of the systematic review/map they produce.

They interact with other persons during the conduct of the review, primarily the commissioners of the review, the stakeholders, the peer-reviewers and the representatives from the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence.

As authors, the Review Team submits both the protocol and completed review to the CEE journal, Environmental Evidence.

Details of existing Review Teams

Members of Review Teams are listed for each review on their dedicated webpage and on the cover page of each document (protocol, review).

To find them, you can enter a name or keyword in the search engine in the toolbar above, or look in the Library in the different tables showing the protocols and reviews and click on the link “visit review page” or click directly on the title of the review when it is a completed review.

The work of a Review Team

Review Teams are independent autonomous groupings and are responsible for the conduct of CEE Sytematic Reviews/Maps to CEE standards as set out in the CEE Guidelines.

CEE provides various support to Review Teams, including

  • online guidelines, templates and various documents see Information for Authors
  • training in CEE methodology: see Training
  • repository, dissemination, publication of systematic reviews and other documents: see Library
  • For more information contact:
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