International seminar- Science with Impact: How do we generate evidence-informed policies?

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11th november 2020 Press note

International seminar: Science with Impact: How do we generate evidence-informed policies?

Thursday 26th november 2020 from 8:45-16:05 GMT-3 through zoom

This seminar will be the first activity of the CEE Chilean center, the first of its kind for Latin America. It aims to discuss the role of science in decision-making and share successful experiences both nationally and internationally. It will consist of three blocks, consisting both panels and presentations. In the first block, a panel will discuss the topic of incentives for academia, particularly how the transfer of knowledge generated in the universities, mostly developed with public funding, should be part of the work of scientists in order to contribute to the decision-making process. Chilean Academia represented by Pedro Bouchon, Vice President for Research Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Congress represented by Diputada Catalina Pérez and Senador Guido Girardi and Andrés Couve Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation are invited to discuss this topic. Following this panel, Rodrigo Arriagada, Director of the chilean CEE Centre will make a presentation on this new centre and its role.

The second block will begin with a presentation by Neal Haddaway, Senior Research Fellow SEI on the importance of evidence synthesis methodologies to better decision making, followed by a panel where Directors of CEE Centres, Ruth Steward, Director Africa Centre for Evidence, University of Johannesburg, Andrew Pullin, Director Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, Bangor University and Steven Cooke, Director Canadian Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, Carleton University, will be invited to share their centres experience of evidence informed policy making.

The third block, Sharing experiences of evidence use in the formulating of the law: the experience of the Chilean academy, will feature prominent researchers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, who will share their experience on delivering evidence during the policy making process. This panel will be presented by the Chilean Senator Carmen Gloria Aravena.

If you would like to attend please complete the information at the following link:


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