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The Mistra Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Management (Mistra EviEM) works for environmental management to be placed on a scientific foundation. Through systematic reviews of various environmental issues suggested by stakeholders, we aim to improve the basis for decisions in Swedish environmental policy. 

In August 2016, EviEM hosted the first international conference for the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) in Stockholm. To read more about the conference, click here.

Read the EviEM annual report 2016 here.

EviEM has launched eight systematic reviews and maps

EviEM’s ongoing systematic reviews and maps

In addition to the full SR report, EviEM also publishes a fact sheet and a summary for each systematic review. Reports of systematic maps are accompanied by a fact sheet only. You can find the fact sheets, summaries and full reports on our website, just click the links above.

Systematic reviews – a solid basis for informed decisions

Mistra EviEM was founded in January 2012 with the purpose of encouraging a scientifically evaluated approach to decisions in environmental management. The Council seeks to improve documentation for decision-making in Swedish environmental management through systematic reviews of research results in areas connected to environmental management.

It is mainly public agencies or other decision-makers and stakeholders in the environmental sector that propose the subjects for Mistra EviEM’s reviews. It is they who should then be able to benefit from the results and apply them in practical environmental management. However, the reviews give no recommendations as to how the results should be turned into environmental improvement measures. Instead, it is the task of decision-makers and other stakeholders to ensure that the reviews are used.

We are financially and politically independent

Mistra (the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research) is to provide funds totaling some SEK 60 million for EviEM’s activities in the period 2012–2017. EviEM is governed by an independent Executive Committee, and has a Secretariat — comprising seven employees — that occupies premises at the international research institute Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). This ensures the Council’s independence, both financially and politically.


Mistra Council for Evidence-based Environmental Management (EviEM)
Stockholm Environment Institute
Box 24218
SE-104 51 Stockholm

Visiting/Delivery address:
Linnégatan 87D
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E-mail: info@eviem.se
Twitter: @MistraEviEM

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