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CEE Centres

The CEE is a global collaboration that has a network of Centres around the world.

Centres contribute to the work of the CEE by encouraging evidence-based practice and systematic review activity within their geographic region. At present there are six national CEE Centres, based in Australia, Canada, France, South Africa, Sweden and the UK, and one international CEE Centre (SEI).  Centres obtain their own funds to perform centre functions. To see details and activities of each centre use the quick links on the right.

Some specific functions of CEE Centres are:

  • To develop in-house expertise in systematic review methodology.
  • To contribute to the development of CEE guidelines for the conduct of systematic review in environmental management.
  • To integrate activities with other CEE Centres to develop the CEE library and maintain a common database of systematic reviews in progress.
  • To promote and encourage the appropriate commissioning of systematic reviews by relevant funding bodies (national government organisations, donors, agencies, NGOs).
  • To seek contracts to contribute to and/or facilitate the conduct of systematic reviews (commissioned by other organisations) to CEE standards and guidelines.
  • To work with practitioners and policy formers to raise awareness of evidence-based practice and identify need for systematic reviews.
  • To run training courses in systematic review methodology and provide advice and mentoring for review teams in its geographical area.

CEE Centres are established by agreement between the CEE Board of Trustees and the Centre Executive. Please contact the CEE Board at info@environmentalevidence.org if you are interested in establishing a Centre.

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