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Aquaculture and restocking: implications for conservation and welfare

Braithwaite VA, Year: 2010

6 Low
Outcome Metrics
Criteria Score
Protocol 1 Is an a-priori protocol available? 0
Search Strategy 2.1 Does the search for literature document the use of a comprehensive range of resources? 1
2.2 Are the search strings clearly defined? 1
Including Studies 3.1 Does the review apply clearly documented inclusion criteria to all potentially relevant articles found during the search? 0
3.2 Does the review demonstrate that inclusion decisions are repeatable? 1
3.3 Are inclusion/exclusion decisions transparent? 0
Critical Appraisal 4.1 Does the review critically appraise the methods of each study? 1
4.2 Are studies objectively weighted according to methodological quality? 0
Data Extraction 5.1 Is data extraction documented, repeatable and consistent? 1
5.2 Are the extracted data reported for each study? 1
Data Extraction 6.1 Is a quantitative synthesis conducted? 0
6.2 Is heterogeneity in the impact of the intervention or exposure investigated statistically? 0
6.3 Does the review consider possible publication bias? 0

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6 Low
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