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The CEE Board of Trustees is responsible for proper governance of the CEE, probity, adherence to regulations for ‘not for profit’ organisations and charity law.


Current Board members are:



Andrew Pullin, Chair of CEE Board of Trustees

Andrew Pullin is Professor of Evidence-Based Conservation at Bangor University, UK and Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (CEBC, www.cebc.bangor.ac.uk ), which has the goal of supporting decision making in conservation and environmental management through the production and dissemination of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of management and policy interventions. His research seeks to improve effectiveness of conservation and environmental management interventions by providing objective scientific evidence for the development of both policy and practice. He is an Editor of the journals Environmental Evidence and Biological Conservation, and an author of a textbook on Conservation Biology.


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Simon Gardner, Trustee

Simon Gardner has more than 15 years experience in environmental regulation, and has worked extensively with a wide variety of government ministries, arms-length delivery bodies, and research councils both within the United Kingdom and across the European Union. In his current role, as Manager of the Environment Agency’s Evidence Partnerships, his goal is to bring together the best available knowledge and expertise to develop robust, evidence-based approaches, to meeting environmental challenges. He has previously worked on, and coordinated, a number of European projects involved in the improved coordination of research activities. One of these, the SKEP-Network (www.skep-network.eu) is focused on the production of a trans-national evidence –base for environmental regulators. He has worked closely with the BiodivERsA network (www.biodiversa.org), and has chaired its Policy Evaluation Committee for a number of joint research calls. For further details, see:uk.linkedin.com/pub/dr-simon-gardner-frsa/3/aa9/232/



Teri Knight, Treasurer

Teri Knight is a public health specialist who, when not acting as a Trustee and Treasurer for CEE, works as a Consultant in Public Health for Public Health Wales (UK). She has a particular interest in the relationship between the natural environment, ecosystem services and human health and well-being,  the development of evidence synthesis methodology and knowledge mobilisation.


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Rob Richards, Secretary

Rob Richards has over 25 years experience working in the public and private sectors of environmental management. He worked as an ecologist in the Australian rangelands and consultant specialising in evidence based strategic planning, outcome and performance monitoring and evaluation.  Rob is the Director of Evidentiary, a company that specilaises in the use of evidence to reduce risk and improve decision making processes used by policy makers and practitioners.


Rob Marrs, Trustee

Rob Marrs is the Bulley Professor of Applied Plant Biology at the University of Liverpool. His main interests are in the fields of conservation and ecological restoration, where he tries to work out how to manipulate ecosystems towards specific endpoints. His research combines manipulative field experimentation (long-term), survey and modelling usually in British heathlands and moorlands. He is passionate about implementing conservation/restoration policy and practice based on evidence-based science.



Gerald Post, Trustee

Gerald Post, principal of The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, Connecticut and founder of the Animal Cancer Foundation, is one of only two hundred board-certified veterinary oncologists in the United States. He has more than 20 years experience as a veterinary oncologist and has participated in clinical oncology research on the national and international levels. He champions the field of comparative oncology every chance he gets. He truly believes that the knowledge gained through comparative oncology can be used to cure many cancers not only in animals but humans as well. He is currently evaluating effectiveness in the field of endangered species conservation with a particular interest in using interdisciplinary research– utilizing what we know about evidence and effectiveness in the medical field, amongst others–and applying it to conservation. Evaluating the evidence of what contributes to success and failure is key in all domains of study.


New Trustees are sought to join with the Board of Trustees to help guide CEE towards achieving its mission and strategic objectives. Trustees need to be able to make a commitment to CEE and devote the necessary time, have strategic vision, independent judgement, an ability to think creatively and a willingness to take an active role in fund-raising. Further details are given in the advert and role description.

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