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Welcome to the Environmental Evidence Library list of Evidence Syntheses in progress. This Library contains all systematic reviews and systematic maps that have been registered as in progress by CEE. In the list below, the reviews are ordered by registration number (most recent first). Please scroll down to find a review or use the search tools below.

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Scientific evidence for sustainable plant disease protection strategies for the main arable crops in Sweden. A systematic map protocol

Anna Berlin, Helena Nordström Källström, Anders Lindgren, Åke Olson, 2018

CEE review 18-011

What do we know about the impacts of the Marine Stewardship Council seafood ecolabelling program? A systematic map protocol

Ashleigh Arton, Anthony Leiman, Gillian Petrokofsky, Hilde Toonen, Francis Neat, Catherine S. Longo, 2018

CEE review 18-010

Evidence of effects of herbivory on Arctic vegetation: a systematic map protocol

E. M. Soininen, I. Barrio, J. U. Jepsen, D. Ehrich, V. T. Ravolainen, J. D. M. Speed, 2018

CEE review 18-005

What is the available evidence for the application of genome editing as a new tool for plant trait modification and the potential occurrence of associated off-target effects: a systematic map protocol

Dominik Modrzejewski, Frank Hartung, Thorben Sprink, Dörthe Krause, Christian Kohl, Joachim Schiemann, Ralf Wilhelm, 2018

CEE review 18-004

Impacts of selected Ecological Focus Area options in European farmed landscapes on climate regulation and pollination services: a systematic map protocol

S. Ottoy, V. Angileri, C. Gibert, M. L. Paracchini, P. Pointereau, J.-M. Terres, J. Van Orshoven, L. Vranken, L. V. Dicks, 2018

CEE review 18-003
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