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Welcome to the Environmental Evidence Library list of Evidence Syntheses in progress. This Library contains all systematic reviews and systematic maps that have been registered as in progress by CEE. In the list below, the reviews are ordered by registration number (most recent first). Please scroll down to find a review or use the search tools below.

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Assessing the global distribution of river fisheries harvest: a systematic map protocol

Chelsie Romulo, Zeenatul Basher, Abigail Lynch, Yu-Chun Kao, William W. Taylor, 2017

CEE review 17-012

Response of chlorophyll a to total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations in lotic ecosystems: a systematic review protocol

Micah G. Bennett, Kate A. Schofield, Sylvia S. Lee, Susan B. Norton, 2017

CEE review 17-011

How does roadside vegetation management affect the diversity of vascular plants and invertebrates? A systematic review protocol

Claes Bernes, James M. Bullock, Simon Jakobsson, Kris Verheyen, Regina Lindborg, 2017

CEE review 17-010

What are the impacts of flow regime changes on fish productivity in temperate regions? A systematic map protocol

Trina Rytwinski, Jessica J. Taylor, Joseph R. Bennett, Karen E. Smokorowski, Steven J. Cooke, 2017

CEE review 17-009

What is the evidence for the contribution of forests to poverty alleviation? A systematic map protocol

Samantha H. Cheng, Sofia Ahlroth, Stefanie Onder, Priya Shyamsundar, Ruth Garside, Patti Kristjanson, Madeleine C. McKinnon, Daniel C. Miller, 2017

CEE review 17-007

How do selected crop rotations affect soil organic carbon in boreo-temperate systems? A systematic review protocol

Magnus Land, Neal Robert Haddaway, Katarina Hedlund, Helene Bracht Jørgensen, Thomas Kätterer, Per-Erik Isberg, 2017

CEE review 17-006

What are the consequences of fish entrainment and impingement associated with hydroelectric dams on fish productivity? A systematic review protocol

Trina Rytwinski, Dirk A. Algera,, Jessica J. Taylor, Karen E. Smokorowski, Joseph R. Bennett, Philip M. Harrison, Steven J. Cooke, 2017

CEE review 17-005

What are the type, direction, and strength of species, community, and ecosystem responses to warming in aquatic mesocosm studies and their dependency on experimental characteristics? A systematic review protocol

Tamar Guy-Haim, Harriet Alexander, Tom W. Bell, Raven L. Bier, Lauren E. Bortolotti, Christian Briseño-Avena, Xiaoli Dong, Alison M. Flanagan, Julia Grosse, Lars Grossmann, Sarah Hasnain, Rachel Hovel, Cora A. Johnston, Dan R. Miller, Mario Muscarella, Akana E. Noto, Alexander J. Reisinger, Heidi J. Smith, Karen Stamieszkin, 2017

CEE review 17-004
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