CEE’s role as a partner in COVID-END

COVID-END is an evidence network to support decision-making co-ordinated by McMaster University in Canada. The network helps decision makers to find and use the best available evidence, and researchers to avoid waste by reducing duplication in and better coordinating the COVID-19 evidence syntheses, technology assessments and guidelines being produced.

COVID-END partners are drawn from diverse evidence-synthesis, technology-assessment and guideline-development communities and have long track records of supporting decision-makers locally, nationally and internationally. They are among the most respected organizations in their respective fields.

Although current activity understandably centres around available evidence for clinical and public health responses to the pandemic, as the evidence and experience of COVID 19 accumulates, attention will turn toward strategies for prevention of the emergence and transmission of similar viruses. This is where we anticipate that environmental interventions will be important, and CEE is ready to help support teams who wish to conduct rigorous evidence synthesis in this area. Please contact us at an early stage if you are planning an evidence synthesis on environmental aspects of the emergence and transmission of novel viruses.

Read more about COVID-END here

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