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CEE’s activity relies on a global network of contributors. To join this network simply fill in the form below.  You will receive an invitation to join the CEE LinkedIn Discussion Group from which you will get updates and news as well as the opportunity to contribute to discussion items.

Why Join the CEE?

To show your support for what the CEE does. Just adding your support means a lot as the number of supporters is a measure of our significance as an organisation.

To actively participate in CEE work. There are many participatory roles to play from commenting on protocols and reviews to taking a lead in review group, editorial or governance work. Take a look around the website and see if there are working groups that you would like to contribute to.

To conduct a CEE review and help the CEE library grow into an ever more valuable resource for decision makers and wider society. Take a look at our Guidelines to see what conducting a CEE Review involves.

Become a CEE Trustee

New Trustees are sought to join with the Board of Trustees to help guide CEE towards achieving its mission. You would need to be able to make a commitment to CEE and devote the necessary time, have strategic vision, independent judgement, an ability to think creatively and a willingness to take an active role in fund-raising. We are currently seeking candidates to fill the following positions;                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Chair-elect of the Board
  • Treasurer

For more information please look at the CEE Trustees Role Description and the CEE Trustee advertisement

Benefits of joining the collaboration

  • Networking with a dedicated group of scientists, managers and policy formers who wish to form an evidence base for environmental management.
  • Alerts and updates on activities in the CEE, including meetings and events.
  • Opportunities to join Review Teams and Methodology Groups working at the cutting edge of evidence-based practice.
  • Opportunities to attend training courses and workshops to develop your skills in evidence – based practice and systematic review methodology.
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