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CEE Evidence Syntheses are either Systematic Reviews or Maps as defined below.

What is a Systematic Review?
A Systematic Review collates, critically appraises, and synthesizes all available evidence relevant to a question. Reviewers use pre-defined methods to minimize bias and thus provide more reliable findings that could inform decision making.

What is a Systematic Map?
A Systematic Map collates, codes, and configures all available evidence relevant to a question. Reviewers use pre-defined methods to minimize bias and assess the extent of the evidence to provide a basis that could inform further research and synthesis.

Guidelines and Standards for Conducting CEE Evidence Syntheses

Planning tips

Read our Guidelines carefully in order to understand the full implications and benefits of conducting a CEE Systematic Review or Map. Contact us at as early as possible (ideally when building up the question for your SR), if you need further guidance and advice concerning the logistics, the scope of the question addressed by your synthesis, and latest development of our guidelines or policies and procedures. Experience shows that early contact with CEE prevents waste of time and resources and improves the quality of the synthesis.

Read or Download CEE Guidelines:

Version 4.2


Publishing a CEE Systematic Review or Map

Conducting a systematic review or map to CEE standards involves two key steps:

1. the submission and registration of a Protocol . Registration of your commitment to conduct a CEE review is formalised by submission, peer review, and publication of your protocol in the CEE journal Environmental Evidence. Please note that when registering and publishing a protocol you are committing to publication of the final review or map in Environmental Evidence.

2. publishing the full systematic review/map and its findings (and associated supplementary materials) in Environmental Evidence.

Submission procedure

To submit a manuscript to Environmental Evidence you will need:
– to comply to the detailed Instructions for Authors
– to follow the journals procedures for manuscript submission at: The procedure is entirely managed by an online system.

Costs (to help you plan your budget)

In order to support the registration, processing and open-access publishing of your review, CEE and its publishing partner BioMed Central, levy Article Processing Charges (APCs) for both the protocol and final review. Please note that the Protocol APC includes the cost of registration of your review or map with CEE. Discounts on the full APC for Systematic Reviews or Maps are available. Discount rates vary and you should consult the journal website for latest details


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