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Guidelines and Standards for Evidence Synthesis in Environmental Management



Editors:   Andrew S Pullin, Geoff K Frampton,

Barbara Livoreil & Gillian Petrokofsky


Read the guidelines online here

Please cite as: Collaboration for Environmental Evidence. 2018. Guidelines and Standards for Evidence synthesis in Environmental Management. Version 5.0 (AS Pullin, GK Frampton, B Livoreil & G Petrokofsky, Eds) [date of access]

Please note that these guidelines will be periodically updated and each update recorded (see Updates and Corrections). Major updates will be announced through social media.


Thanks to the Guidelines Editorial Group for this version of the CEE Guidelines and Standards (in alphabetical order): Geoff Frampton, Barbara Livoreil, Gillian Petrokofsky and Andrew Pullin

We thank all authors contributing to this version of the CEE Guidelines and Standards and the papers on which some sections were based (in alphabetical order): Helen Bayliss, Alison Bethel, Gary Bilotta, Frédérique Flamerie de Lachapelle, Jacqui Eales, Geoff Frampton, Julie Glanville, Neal Haddaway, Katy James, Christian Kohl, Julia Koricheva, Elena Kulinskaya, Magnus Land, Barbara Livoreil, Biljana Macura, Gillian Petrokofsky, Andrew Pullin, Nicola Randall, Shannon Robalino, Sini Savilaakso, Jessica Taylor and Wen Zhou.

This version of the CEE Guidelines and Standards has developed from previous versions and we thank all those who have contributed to those versions.

We thank the many managers, policy formers and scientists who have given us constructive feedback on the review process and those who have themselves contributed to CEE Evidence Syntheses.

Find the previous version of the Guidelines (v4.2) here.

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