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Guidelines Group

In order that CEE continues to be the world leader in evidence synthesis in environment management it is essential that the CEE Guidelines for Systematic Review and Evidence Synthesis are continually updated so that they incorporate the latest developments in evidence synthesis methodology.

To maintain this cutting-edge, CEE has now launched the development of version 5 of the Guidelines. All new chapters will be subject to external peer-review and will be published as a special series in the CEE journal Environmental Evidence, before being made accessible through the CEE website. Current users should continue to access version 4.2 until notification is given of a version 5 update to any chapter. A Guidelines Working Group has been convened to oversee production and act as an editorial board for version 5. Current coordinators of this group are: Dr Barbara Livoreil, Dr Geoff Frampton and Dr Gillian Petrokofsky. Please direct any enquiries about version 5 to this group.

For questions relating to the current version of the Guidelines please contact

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