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Welcome to the Environmental Evidence Library of Evidence Syntheses. This Library contains all systematic reviews and systematic maps that have been approved by CEE. In the list below, the reviews are ordered by registration number (most recent first). They are not in exact chronological order of completion date. Please scroll down to find a review or use the search tools below.

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How effective are created or restored freshwater wetlands for nitrogen and phosphorus removal? A systematic review

Magnus Land, Wilhelm Granéli, Anders Grimvall, Carl Christian Hoffmann, William J. Mitsch, Karin S. Tonderski, Jos T. A. Verhoeven, 2016

CEE review 13-012

What is the influence of a reduction of planktivorous and benthivorous fish on water quality in temperate eutrophic lakes? (systematic review)

Claes Bernes, Stephen R Carpenter, Anna Gårdmark, Per Larsson, Lennart Persson, Christian Skov, James DM Speed, Ellen Van Donk, 2015

CEE review 13-008

Which components or attributes of biodiversity influence which dimensions of poverty? (systematic map)

Dilys Roe, Max Fancourt, Chris Sandbrook, Mxolisi Sibanda, Alessandra Giuliani, Andrew Gordon-Maclean, 2014

CEE review 13-007

What are the impacts of urban agriculture programs on food security in low and middle-income countries? (systematic review)

Marcel Korth, Ruth Stewart, Laurenz Langer, Nolizwe Madinga, Natalie Rebelo Da Silva, Hazel Zaranyika, Carina van Rooyen, Thea de Wet, 2014

CEE review 13-006

What are the impacts of reindeer/caribou (Rangifer tarandus L.) on arctic and alpine vegetation? (systematic review)

Claes Bernes, Kari Anne Bråthen, Bruce C Forbes, James DM Speed, Jon Moen, 2015

CEE review 13-005

How effective are on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment (systematic map)?

Nicola P Randall, Louise M Donnison, Paul J Lewis, Katy L James, 2015

CEE review 12-005

What is the effect of non-native seaweeds on resident benthic assemblages? Variability between trophic levels and influence of background environmental and biological conditions.


CEE review 12-002

Evaluating effects of land management on greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances in boreo-temperate lowland peatland systems. (systematic review)

Neal Haddaway, Annette Burden, Chris Evans, John Healey, Davey Jones, Sarah Dalrymple, Andrew Pullin, 2014

CEE review 11-010

Human well-being impacts of terrestrial protected areas (systematic review)

Andrew S. Pullin, Mukdarut Bangpan, Sarah Dalrymple, Kelly Dickson, Neal R. Haddaway, John R. Healey, Hanan Hauari, Neal Hockley, Julia P. Jones, Teri Knight, Carol Vigurs, Sandy Oliver, 2013

CEE review 11-009
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