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Welcome to the Environmental Evidence Library of Evidence Syntheses. This Library contains all systematic reviews and systematic maps that have been approved by CEE. In the list below, the reviews are ordered by registration number (most recent first). They are not in exact chronological order of completion date. Please scroll down to find a review or use the search tools below.

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What evidence exists on the local impacts of energy systems on marine ecosystem services: a systematic map

Eleni Papathanasopoulou, Ana M. Queirós, Nicola Beaumont, Tara Hooper, Joana Nunes, 2016

CEE review 14-019

How have carbon stocks in central and southern Africa’s miombo woodlands changed over the last 50 years? A systematic map of the evidence

Davison Gumbo, Jessica Clendenning, Christopher Martius, Kaala Moombe, Isla Grundy, Robert Nasi, Kondwani Y. Mumba, Natasha Ribeiro, Gillian Kabwe, Gillian Petrokofsky, 2018

CEE review 14-018

What is the impact of active management on biodiversity in boreal and temperate forests set aside for conservation or restoration? (systematic map)

Claes Bernes, Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Kaisa Junninen, Asko Lõhmus, Ellen Macdonald, Jörg Müller, Jennie Sandström, 2015

CEE review 14-015

What are the environmental impacts of property rights regimes in forests, fisheries and rangelands?

Maria Ojanen, Wen Zhou, Daniel C. Miller, Sue Helen Nieto, Baruani Mshale, Gillian Petrokofsky, 2017

CEE review 14-014

What are the effects of nature conservation on human well-being? A systematic map of empirical evidence from developing countries

Madeleine C. McKinnon, Samantha H. Cheng, Samuel Dupre, Janet Edmond, Ruth Garside, Louise Glew, Margaret B. Holland, Eliot Levine, Yuta J. Masuda, Daniel C. Miller, Isabella Oliveira, Justine Revenaz, Dilys Roe, Sierra Shamer, David Wilkie, Supin Wongbusarakum, Emily Woodhouse, 2016

CEE review 14-012

Are alternative livelihood projects effective at reducing local threats to specified elements of biodiversity and/or improving or maintaining the conservation status of those elements? (systematic review)

Dilys Roe, Francesca Booker, Mike Day, Wen Zhou, Sophie Allebone-Webb, Nicholas A. O. Hill, Noelle Kumpel, Gillian Petrokofsky, Kent Redford, Diane Russell, Gill Shepherd, Juliet Wright, Terry C. H. Sunderland, 2015

CEE review 14-003

What are the effects of agricultural management on soil organic carbon in boreo-temperate systems? (systematic map)

Neal R. Haddaway, Katarina Hedlund, Louise E. Jackson, Thomas Kätterer, Emanuele Lugato, Ingrid K. Thomsen, Helene Bracht Jørgensen, Bo Söderström, 2015

CEE review 14-002

What are the non-food impacts of GM crop cultivation on farmers’ health? (systematic review)

Monica Racovita, Dennis Ndolo Obonyo, Wendy Craig, Decio Ripandelli, 2015

CEE review 14-001

Effects of Decentralized Forest Management (DFM) on Deforestation and Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries (systematic review)

Cyrus Samii, Matthew Lisiecki, Parashar Kulkarni, Laura Paler, Larry Chavis, 2014

CEE review 13-015a
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