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Welcome to the Environmental Evidence Library of Evidence Syntheses. This Library contains all systematic reviews and systematic maps that have been approved by CEE. In the list below, the reviews are ordered by registration number (most recent first). They are not in exact chronological order of completion date. Please scroll down to find a review or use the search tools below.

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Bridging Indigenous and science-based knowledge in coastal and marine research, monitoring, and management in Canada

Steven M. Alexander, Jennifer F. Provencher, Dominique A. Henri, Jessica J. Taylor, Jed Immanuel Lloren, Lushani Nanayakkara, Jay T. Johnson, Steven J. Cooke, 2019

CEE review 19-007

Evidence of the impact of noise pollution on biodiversity: a systematic map

Romain Sordello, Ophélie Ratel, Frédérique Flamerie De Lachapelle, Clément Leger, Alexis Dambry, Sylvie Vanpeene, 2020

CEE review 19-005

Effectiveness of ecotechnologies in agriculture for the recovery and reuse of carbon and nutrients in the Baltic and boreo-temperate regions: a systematic map

Biljana Macura, Mikołaj Piniewski, Marta Księżniak, Paweł Osuch, Neal R. Haddaway, Filippa Ek, Karolin Andersson, Sirkka Tattari, 2019

CEE review 19-004

What evidence exists on ecotechnologies for recycling carbon and nutrients from domestic wastewater? A systematic map

Solveig L. Johannesdottir, Biljana Macura, Jennifer McConville, Dag Lorick, Neal R. Haddaway, Agnieszka Karczmarczyk, Filippa Ek, Mikołaj Piniewski, Marta Księżniak, Paweł Osuch, 2020

CEE review 19-001

The spatial distribution of illegal hunting of terrestrial mammals in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic map

Isla Duporge, Timothy Hodgetts, Tiejun Wang, David W. Macdonald, 2020

CEE review 18-008

How effective are strategies to control the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the environment? A systematic review

Anaïs Goulas, , ,, Drifa Belhadi, Alexandre Descamps, Antoine Andremont, Pierre Benoit, Sophie Courtois, Christophe Dagot, Nathalie Grall, David Makowski, Sylvie Nazaret, Sylvie Nélieu, Dominique Patureau, Fabienne Petit, Céline Roose-Amsaleg, Marion Vittecoq, Barbara Livoreil, Cédric Laouénan, 2020

CEE review 18-001

How does roadside vegetation management affect the diversity of vascular plants and invertebrates? A systematic review

Simon Jakobsson, Claes Bernes, James M. Bullock, Kris Verheyen, Regina Lindborg, 2018

CEE review 17-010

What are the effects of flow-regime changes on fish productivity in temperate regions? A systematic map

Trina Rytwinski, Meagan Harper, Jessica J. Taylor, Joseph R. Bennett, Lisa A. Donaldson, Karen E. Smokorowski, Keith Clarke, Michael J. Bradford, Haitham Ghamry, Julian D. Olden, Daniel Boisclair, Steven J. Cooke, 2020

CEE review 17-009

What evidence exists on the impact of agricultural practices in fruit orchards on biodiversity? A systematic map

Markus van der Meer, Sonja Kay, Gisela Lüscher, Philippe Jeanneret, 2020

CEE review 17-008
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