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The CEE Centre in the UK is hosted by the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, Bangor University, UK

The Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (CEBC) was established in 2003 with the goal of supporting decision making in conservation and environmental management. CEBC promotes evidence-based practice through the production and dissemination of systematic reviews on both the effectiveness of management and policy interventions and on the impact of human activities on the natural environment. With support from a wide range of organisations in the environmental and academic sectors, the CEBC now acts as both a source of advice on evidence-based practice and a CEE Centre helping others to undertake systematic reviews on issues of concern to policy and practice.


Pullin talkCEE activities of the UK Centre include:

  • The ‘Environmental Evidence’ Editorial Office
  • CEE Library Management
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • General Enquiries to CEE

To find out more about the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, its rationale and function, please visit the ‘CEBC‘ homepage.


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