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The importance of nature for health: is there a specific benefit of contact with green space?

What is the aim of the review?
To examine the effectiveness of direct accessing of natural environments in the promotion of health and well-being compared with other forms of ‘exposure’ to the natural environment or with accessing ‘synthetic’ environments. Secondary questions will be addressed as follows:

  • Do the benefits vary among different types of natural environment?
  • Do the benefits vary among individuals, for instance, of different socio-economic status?
  • What are the barriers and facilitators to the natural environment providing health and well-being benefits?

Who's in the review team?

At what stage is the review?
This review is now complete.

What did the review find?
To read more about this review, its findings, and the implications for conservationists and researchers, please see the Summary or Full Report.

If you would like to comment on any aspect of this review, please email us. Your feedback is appreciated.

Document Links

- Summary pdf

- Protocol pdf

- Systematic review pdf

- Additional files pdf

- Policy brief pdf

- Project report: "The value of contact with nature for health promotion: how the evidence has been reviewed"

- Presentation at the 2010 Public Health Association Cymru Conference

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