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Collaborating Organisations

The CEE relies on the contribution of many people and organisations to promote, fund and conduct systematic reviews. The following is a list of organisation categorised by their major contribution to funding of systematic reviews.

Funding Organisations

British Ecological Society
UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
The UK Environment Agency
Land & Water Australia
Natural England
UK Natural Environment Research Council
Provita - Venezuela
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
UK Population Network
United Utilities plc
US Forest Service

Organisations contributing staff time to Systematic Review Activity

Bangor University College of Natural Sciences
Bournemouth University - School of Conservation Sciences
Centre for Integrated Research in the Rural Environment
Countryside Council for Wales
The UK Environment Agency
Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary
Forest Research UK
UK Forestry Commission
UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies
Natural England
The National Trust, UK
The Nature Conservancy, US
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Rural Affairs & Environment Group - Harper Adams University College
Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
University of Aberdeen - School of Biological Sciences
University of Cambridge Department of Zoology
University of California
University of Connecticut - Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of East Anglia - Centre for Ecology, Evolution & Conservation
University of Oxford - Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
University of Palermo, Italy - Department of Animal Biology
Vertebrate Pest Research Unit - NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia

Organisations promoting and engaging in Evidence-Based Practice

The Campbell Collaboration
The Cochrane Collaboration
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
Society for Conservation Biology
US Environmental Protection Agency

Websites promoting Evidence-Based Practice in Conservation and Environmental management

Conserve Online

Thanks to the following organisations for in-kind contributions

Tooth & Claw

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