The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
Serving Environmental Management In The Public Interest


An open community of stakeholders working towards a sustainable global environment and the conservation of biodiversity. CEE seeks to promote and deliver evidence syntheses on issues of greatest concern to environmental policy and practice as a public service.

Evidence Synthesis

CEE Evidence Syntheses take the form of systematic reviews and (evidence) maps providing rigorous and transparent methodology to assess the impacts of human activity and effectiveness of policy and management interventions. This website contains a fast growing Library of Environmental Evidence.

The Collaboration is not for profit and relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of scientists, policy formers, environmental managers and other stakeholders to provide a reliable source of evidence to continuously improve the effectiveness of our actions.

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CEE Has Charitable Status

The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence is a global not for profit, and has formal charitable status.

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CEE Centres

Centres will contribute to the work of the CEE by encouraging evidence-based practice and evidence synthesis.

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CEEDER Evidence Service

The CEE Database of Evidence Reviews provides links to current syntheses on policy-relevant questions in environmental management.

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Collaboration for Environmental Evidence Centres

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