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The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence is an open community of scientists and managers working towards a sustainable global environment and the conservation of biodiversity. The collaboration seeks to synthesise evidence on issues of greatest concern to environmental policy and practice.

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CEE has formal charitable status and its Objects are:
The protection of the environment and conservation of biodiversity through preparation, maintenance promotion and dissemination of systematic reviews of the effects and impacts of environment management interventions, for the public benefit.

Syntheses take the form of systematic reviews providing rigorous and transparent methodology to assess the impacts of human activity and effectiveness of policy and management interventions. This website contains a small but fast growing Library of Environmental Evidence in the form of systematic reviews.

The Collaboration is not for profit and relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of scientists and managers to provide a reliable source of evidence to continuously improve the effectiveness of our actions. 

Please browse our website to find out more and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have.

To find out more about the systematic review process and how to author a review, please see our "Information for..." section.

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23/05/14 - CEE Board of Trustees have approved the Annual Report. Read the 2013 annual report here

25/03/14 - Systematic review protocol investigates whether alternative livelihood projects are effective at reducing local threats to specified elements of biodiversity and/or improving or maintaining the conservation status of those elements Read the full review here

12/03/14 - Systematic review of effects of land management on greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances in boreo-temperate lowland peatland systems Read the full review here

12/03/14 - Systematic review of effects on biodiversity from oil palm production Read the full review here

05/02/14 - CEE is seeking application for new members of its Board of Trustees please follow these links to the Advert, Role Description and Application Form

04/12/13 - Read the latest protocols published in the CEE Library and Environmental Evidence here

03/12/13 - Systematic Review on the human wellbeing impacts of terrestrial protected areas Read the full review here

13/11/13 - Follow CEE on twitter @EnvEvidence here

16/09/13 - Evidence Aid is awarded the Unorthodox Prize 2013. See why Evidence Aid was chosen here


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